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Welcome to the Emmy Noether Research Project: "Neural Control, Memory, and Learning for Complex Behaviors in Multi Sensori-Motor Robotic Systems". This project was performed at Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Department for Computational Neuroscience, Third Institute of Physics-Biophysics, the University of Goettingen. The project is funded by the German Science Foundation DFG within the Emmy Noether programme.



The central goal of this project is to investigate and develop modular neural mechanisms consisting of control, memory, learning, and proactive (anticipatory) decision making. They will be used to generate complex behaviors in physical walking robots by interacting with complex environments. The complex behaviors include natural movements and effective locomotion over difficult terrains, versatile proactive behaviors, versatile memory-guided behaviors, and goal-directed behaviors. By doing so, this project tries to achieve flexible, transferable solutions and a better understanding of the general control, memory, plasticity, and predictive principles in embodied neural sensori-motor function for complex behavior generation. 







Building Brain (modular neural mechanisms) & Biomechanics for Bio-Inspired Robots.

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Poramate Manoonpong



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